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Full Calendar of "You OK, Bro?" Events


Mental Health & Addiction Roadshow in 20 U.S. cities promoting
men's mental health and its linkage to addiction and suicide


Minority Men's Mental Health Month featuring webinars on wellness disparities hosted by the National Black Men's Health Network

October 21st

"Wear Blue Day" every 3rd Friday of every month

Coming Soon

 Workshop Summit, National Press Club, Washington, DC

Workshop Summit

Coming Soon

National Press Club, Washington, DC

The Men's Mental Health Alliance is hosting this important Workshop Summit that will be live-streamed. The Summit will examine and return recommendations for the increase in mental health challenges exacerbated by pandemic isolation and current stressful global events. Behavioral experts from several organizations will share research, trends and discoveries, and make suggestions to men, boys and their loved ones.

Men’s mental health remains a strong challenge to health professionals in 2022. Whether it’s the widely-debated issue of “toxic masculinity,” the societal trauma of a two-year pandemic or predispositions held in an age of greater focus on gender equity, the issue struggles to make it to the top of mainstream media or legislative agendas.

Brought to you by the Men’s Health Network, Healthy Men, Inc., the National Black Men’s Health Network, and the Men’s Health Caucus, the purpose of the forum is to build awareness of the mental health crisis that is happening now in the male population of the US, its root causes, and potential strategies for reversing the trend.

Forum includes panel discussions on: 

  • The State of Men's Mental Health from 2020-2022

  • Racial, geographic and orientation disparities

  • Metrics on rising suicide rates

  • Flaws in diagnosis and the lack of screening tools

  • Breaking the cycle and seeking help

  • New advancements in science

And modules on:

  • The COVID Effect

  • The Diagnosis Dilemma

  • Mental Health Legislation

Participants include:

Jimmy Boyd

Men's Health Network

Jean Bonhomme, MD

National Black Men's Health Network

Armin Brott

Healthy Men Inc.

Dr. Sal Giorgianni

Healthy Men Inc.

Brandon Leonard

Men's Health Caucus

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